Crashed in Space: A Sword of the Stars II Diary

I’ve owned Sword of the Stars 2 since it was released about six months ago. I have yet to finish a single game. More than that, I have yet to make contact with another player, even in the smallest size galaxy! The game is incredibly prone to crashing, breaking, not working, working in a way other than intended and closing itself without warning at random intervals. That said, I am very fond of the original Sword of the Stars and the development team have been patching the game an average of two times a week since it was released.

We’re now on Revision 20461c. No, this isn’t a beta, it’s a live game. Yeah, they screwed up quite badly.

I do enjoy giving things a chance though! What follows is my attempt to play a fairly small scale game vs the AI with three players. I shall be the Sol Force, otherwise known as the standard-issue decent at pretty much everything Humans.

Admiral on the Bridge!

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