To The Mun: Part 2 – Ground Control to Major Jeb


Space! It’s everywhere and it would probably be a good idea to see what’s in it. These are the continuing adventures of Durkon Kerman, his ongoing mission: To explore strange new worlds just for the hell of it. To seek out new Kerbals willing to be blasted into space. To boldly blast them into space and maybe even bring them back again! Uh… before! Just cue the theme music.

My main activity since putting Orbital Probe of Science I(b) into orbit has been concerned with the program’s personnel. When I was appointed, it seemed like no-one had any clearly defined job title. People just turned up, put on an engineer’s helmet, a labcoat or whatever else was left in the locker room and did that job for the day.¬†We didn’t have any kerbonauts because nobody knew what a kerbonaut would wear. It was like bloody Simcity in here, except that the toilets don’t stop working whenever there’s a traffic jam.

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