A Skyrate’s Life, Part 4: Th’eejits abound

Man, the Snipping Tool compressor really doesn't like reds...

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

After the excitement, adventure and really wild things of the last entry, it seems like we’re back to normal today (normal being a relative term of course). We’re back to conversation rather than shooting – although the main topic of conversation is the shooting, naturally. We also see the return of Zekkass, who I pounce upon as if she’s the only sane person in the vicinity (likely true) and the introduction of Josiah, who shoots me.

I think I want to title every post in this series with a Mahmoth quote from now on.

New Characters:

  • Clio: Female cat, newcomer to the R&P. Who’s playing Clio?
  • Josiah: Male giraffe, Green faction. At this stage he’s just out of Flight School, and this looks like his first time here.
  • Phedre Spitfire: Female arctic fox. Now here’s a confusing one. DP has an entry for “Phédre Spitfire”, and her Skybrary article notes that she has acquired some infamy due to the acts of her sister who assumed her identity. Phédre was an important member of Red faction. Who was THIS Phedre though? Fortunately, the ACTUAL Phedre turned up in Skyrates, so I asked her about it. Turns out that Phedre was killed off before the end of the round, her player unaware that RP is persistent and continues after the end of the round. A very similar looking sister was thus created to replace her.
  • Alexandra Borisov: Female fox? While she has no DP entry of her own, she is listed as one of Knappekat’s past crewmembers. It seems reasonable that she’s an alt of Knappekat, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, “Alexandra Borisov” is one of the randomly assembled crew names that the game gives out, so anyone could have found a crewmember with that name and decided they liked it. Update: Phedre Spitfire confirms that she’s an alt of Knappe, and that she’s a fox. Thanks, Phedre!
  • Athrawes: No entry in DP. I can determine that he’s male from his emotes, but nothing else.
  • HK-47: Sigh…


  • Okay, so it turns out that Ennia being shot the previous day wasn’t the ONLY excitement. It seems like someone (Silura, apparently) tried to shoot Ellington inside the bar earlier. Busy day! I seem to have been physically present for this event because I describe it later on, but for some unknown reason I didn’t log any of it.
  • Mahmoth called me ‘Webling’! This pleased me.
  • Somewhere before the start of this, Markus changes the dressing on his injury (sustained in the previous evening’s violence). This is what causes Clio to pass out. He apparently dozes off for a while after this.
  • We finally find out just what it is that Markus has been working on for the past few entries! We also discover that Phedre has had some prior association with Ennia’s would-be assassin – according to Mah “th’bugger tried t’rip th’tavern an age’r so ago’n took th’Phe.”
  • This entry had a little bit of strangeness and some outright trolling. I’ve abused my editorial privilege and stripped the trolling out completely – it wasn’t even interesting. Mistakes are left in, even my own. Especially my own! The strangeness? That, I left in. We’re not even getting started, yet…
  • This log itself is in excess of nine thousand words long, number fans. It took bloody ages to put the formatting in, line by line – hence the delay in getting this entry up.

Today’s chat log is past the cut below! For previous entries in this series, direct your Internet conveyances here.

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A Skyrate’s Life, Part 3: Action! Adventure! Shooting!

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

Once again, we appear half way through something and have to work out what’s going on the hard way. For once, this isn’t the fault of my Internet connection – I’m not participating in this entry, I just happen to join the server at this point.

Last week’s entries were characterised mostly by people relaxing and chatting in the tavern, exploring their relationships and the more recognisable, human aspects of their characters. I mentioned in the notes that one of the things that really works about this style of RP is that it gives us a chance to look at the mundane, day-to-day lives of our characters in between the action and adventure.

Our Skyrates don’t have the same sort of lives that we do – I certainly don’t have to fight three groups of pirates on my journey to work. I don’t even fly to work, I use a car! This is because the world hasn’t yet cracked into small islands and floated up into the air. Spending time in the Tavern lets us look at what we’d be like, and what kind of people we would encounter in a world like this.

But then, it’s not always so peaceful around here. When I said ‘between the action and adventure’, I wasn’t merely referring to the flying and shooting that our characters do ‘off camera’. In a world this inherently dangerous, nowhere is completely safe.

It all starts fairly normally. Just another day in the Rotor and Prop…

New Characters:

  • Amelia Brightmoon: Female wolf, it seems. No DP entry, and I didn’t interact with her personally.
  • Knappekat: Male cat belonging to Red. Has appeared before, but for some reason I didn’t write an entry for him then.
  • Jelani Mpunju: Male eland from a distant region. He appears to be here as some manner of ambassador or explorer. He is rarely seen without his spear.
  • Larkos: Male boar. Ooh, a mysterious stranger! No entry in DP, naturally.
  • Ennia: Female squirrel, Green faction.
  • Darkstar (Lars): Ennia’s Brother.
  • Frank Whittle: Male monkey, doctor at the local hospital. He has no entry in DP, and I’m not even sure if he was ever seen again!


  • I left my client running overnight to capture the entire event. Unfortunately, it broke and lost connection shortly after I went to bed, so I got very little.
  • At the beginning this entry doesn’t look so remarkable. Amelia and Silura are flirting outrageously just outside the R&P while Mairi is most irritated at for an unknown reason and decides to drink everything. For the most part the other patrons shrug and get on with whatever they were doing.
  • What was the argument in the hangar about? Whatever it was drove Mairi to drink. It can’t have been Markus, as he hasn’t arrived yet. I don’t think Karrde was back at this stage either, so who was responsible for Mai’s foul mood? I fear it need remain a mystery.
  • Towards the end, at least half a line is just not there. This isn’t my HTML or find-and-replace tool screwing up, it’s like that in my original plain text logs. I think I used to just do select all, copy and paste, so I have no idea what happened there…
  • We’ll be able to see the consequences of today’s events in the next log, but the actual EXCITING ACTION is lost. I wonder if there’s another log of this event out there somewhere?

The log – such as it is – is after the cut.

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A Skyrate’s Life, Part 1: Dramatis Personae

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

It’s 15/07/2008, 0200 local time. That’s 2:00 in the morning, of course. This is what the date and time stamp says on my first Skyrates RP channel log. Unfortunately, a lot is missing – not only the beginning of this session due to a connection failure, but my first entrance into the Rotor and Prop, the introductions of Mairi, Mah, Markus, Burrito Loco and indeed Zekkass. Since we’re missing all that exposition, I suppose I’d better write up what I remember.

The Setting: A tavern called the Rotor & Prop, often abbreviated to R&P or RnP. You can read about the tavern over here. Skytopia is a world of floating islands, although it was not always this way. It is populated by various anthropomorphic animals, and is influenced a little bit by TaleSpin. Piracy is a serious problem.

The Characters: If you keep reading, you’ll learn more about the characters as you see them. With that said, here’s a brief introduction to the key players:

  • Alex Webster: Me! Male fox, recently graduated from flight school. Competent enough pilot, lacking in experience. Also lacking in experience at: Pretty much everything else.
  • Burrito Loco: Elder male donkey. General in the Azure League (blues’) armed forces. AKA “Papa Rito”.
  • Markus Jarnhann: Male bear. Colonel in the Crimson Armada (Reds). Mercenary, but decent sort.
  • Zekkass: Female fox, not long out of Flight School herself. This is probably her first time in the R&P, but her introduction is lost due to a connection failure.
  • Mahmoth: According to his Skybrary entry, he is “a four meter tall, remarkably hirsute, quadrupedal sentient pachyderm of a wandering bent”. The default bartender during the evenings. Will eject or dismantle troublemakers.
  • Rimdar Klall: Male squirrel, famous for his musical trading and musical crew.
  • I can’t tell you anything else about the other participants that you can’t see for yourself – memory failure, lack of interaction or lost notes and logs.

Notes: Since this is the first entry, let’s talk a little about how and why Skyrates RP worked.

  • Skyrates is a long format semi-casual game. Once you take off, it can be an hour or more before you reach land again, and it’s often 10 minutes or more between combat events (which you can optionally deal with, or leave until later). If you’re into the setting (which I was) and wanted to immerse yourself further, there’s the RP channel. I lurked and listened for a while before I jumped in myself.
  • What happened in the RP channel was completely de-linked to what your character was doing in the game world. You could have your character flying about, trading and shooting things down while you were in the tavern in-character. This is one of the factors that led to the Skyrates RP community really working.
  • You can type normally, which is speech. There are also emote (/me or /em) commands, which colours posts and formats them as “Alex Webster does something” and the OOC (/ooc) command which places text in ((double brackets)) and in a different colour. I can’t tell you WHICH colour, because it seems to be different than I remember now. I went through and added formatting in for emotes and OOC, because apparently I have too much time right now.
  • There were no asterisks next to actions ingame. I added those to aid readability here.
  • Player names were in their faction colours, so you could tell who belonged to which faction. This information is also lost.
  • Every time you open the game, {Static} is printed to every chat channel. If you see this, it means that I opened the game at this point, or lost connection and reconnected. I’ve added it to the end too, to show disconnection.

Let’s also talk a little bit about what happens in this entry, which you’ll find below…

  • This isn’t the first time I’ve been in the bar, although it is pretty early on. The R&P is basically on US time, so this is the evening for them (and the very early morning for me).
  • Historian’s note: The planes referenced here are in the correct order for the time. I went from the starter plane (CR-4P), to the Phantom, then Seahawk, then Vengeance. I note this here as it wouldn’t make any sense to current Skyrates.
  • You’ll see a character named Manik and his coffee mentioned in OOC here. We’ll meet Manik later on. It seems like he stuck around far longer than I did, unfortunately (although the only person to blame for me never coming back is myself).
  • This entry is rather long, and nothing very important happens. I’ve included the whole thing, as it’s an introduction to some of the key characters.
  • The other reason for not simply omitting this entry is that it still shows Alex when he was at his most awkward and unsure.
  • Mahmoth is non-anthropomorphic. That means he’s the size and shape of an actual mammoth. How does he fit behind the bar? He just does. Maybe he uses A Plot Device?

Click through to meet some of the key characters, listen to the veterans go on about the Seahawk, see Rimdar put his foot right in it and discover if you really can survive a sea landing in a CR-4P!

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A Skyrate’s Life (for me)

I was a fox called Alex Webster for about 2 months. I recently dug up my old Skyrates RP logs, and it got me thinking about it…

It seems like Skyrates is more or less dead – at least as far as roleplaying goes. You can still log in, the server is still up but it’s… pretty quiet. [Ed: There’s still some activity over there, but all of the people I used to know have moved on]

It was a tiny semi-experimental persistent-world flash game where you played an anthropomorphic pilot in a world of floating skylands. The game was mostly trading and shooting things down, but the catch was that it took several real-time hours to fly from skyland to skyland. The idea was that you could drop in every few hours, shoot a few things down and set up your next few jumps and then get on with something else.

I haven’t touched this game for years. Literal years, the last time I logged in was 2008. What does this mean to me?

I’m really sad. I mean, I left Skyrates a long time ago, but thinking about it now… I really regret leaving when I did.

I remember seeing a picture of a floating battleship on RPS in October 2007 and following the link back to the Skyrates website. “This looks interesting!” I thought. “It appears to be free. I’ll give it a try”. It was quite an enjoyable little trading and shooting game, although the long-format, persistent nature took a little getting used to. It had quite a unique look and feel to it as well.

I remember finding that it had a very active roleplaying community. To date, it’s the best RP community I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. The Rotor & Prop – the bar that the RP channel spent most of its time set in and around – became my character’s home. Before very long, it became the game. I’d still play, but I primarily logged in to roleplay. My character was nothing special, an inexperienced rookie using one of my former aliases (Alex Webster). It was enough for me to bask in the brilliance of the tavern’s other denziens.

I remember Markus Jarnhann, a Colonel in the game’s military faction (the reds). He was my character’s mentor. He taught me to fly and fight, and was at least partially responsible for me buying what amounts to an autocannon on wings. This is the aircraft that prompted the sentence “So, good news! Firing my cannon doesn’t spin me out of control!” He shot people fairly often, but only when they were causing trouble.

I remember Mairi, who was effectively the heart of the roleplaying community at this time. She ran the R&P, eased me gently into the community while at the same time dealing with her character’s own problems. Markus was totally in love with her, but she ended up with someone else – Trystero, I think. Markus, Trys and Talon were all after her, she liked them all but that wasn’t really enough. She spent a lot of time feeling pretty terrible about the whole situation. Meanwhile, a couple of people nearly got killed in various incidents and the bar was temporarily set on fire. Through all this, she STILL managed to send me a smile, let me know how it all works and show all of us newbies how everything looks when there’s not a major disaster.

I remember Mahmoth. No-one messed with him. Once, when the RP channel was dead, he started singing. Mah had an incredible accent! I loved his accent. I once asked him if he wanted to go behind the bar (his customary position), and he replied “Hmn?  Ach, nah, if y’self’s well b’hind’t, all’s salt.” That should give you an idea. Anyway, he’d been sitting on these Mahmothian lyrics for just such an occasion, and his character tapped out the rhythm on various bits of the bar. By the time he was finished, half the bar’s regulars had turned up. It was a brilliant gambit to get all the regulars who were lurking to turn up, and to get the conversation going. Mairi owned the place, but it was his bar, and no-one would dream of (or dare to) question that. He had a habit of appending ‘ling’ to people’s names. “Eyup, th’Ennling” for Ennia. I think he eventually took to calling me “Webling”. That was a mark of respect.

Mahmoth nods. “Seeming’s th’bugger’s t’be a lesson, next time about.”

I have just spent over an hour and a half looking back through my Skyrates chat logs. I have laughed out loud more than once.

I remember that four of us newbies turned up in the RP channel at about the same time. I was there a little earlier than the other three, Zekkass, Josiah and… I think it must’ve been Copper Cheetah. Zekkass and I quickly became a bit of a team, we both drank the same honey ale and flew the same planes for a long time. She joined the reds, the military faction and ended up working with Markus. Copper joined the blues, the science-y faction that Mairi belonged to. With Markus and Zekkass pulling me one way and Copper and Mai the other, I ended up staying neutral through sheer indecision. Markus once remarked that he saw Zek and I as his apprentices, and I suspect that eventually I would have gone red.

I completely forgot about this! Zek and I used to play cards, a game that only existed in the Skyrates universe. It was called Schellen. We had to work out and modify the rules ourselves as we went along. We didn’t have any actual cards of course, so we just played along with the help of notepad and calculator until we ran out of theoretical cards.

I remember Mai and Mah putting me behind the bar for the first time. My character was so proud, and spent as much time tending as possible. It marked my acceptance into this community, both in and out of character. I wasn’t even very good at it – I had a book of cocktail recipes stashed under the counter because people kept asking for stuff I didn’t know how to make – but I was earnest, and always did my best.

I remember the first time Talon Karrde came into the bar. He was one of the R&Ps most famous bartenders – in fact I think he originally owned the place. He disappeared for a long time, but it just so happened that he turned up again while I was active. “Have you met Alex?” Mai said. “He’s your replacement.”

I remember something dramatic and important happening. An assassin turned up and shot one of the major characters, and Markus went after him. I stayed up until about 0500 in the morning to watch it play out. I spent so much time in that RP channel, either participating or idling and watching things happen. Unfortunately, after I finally went to bed my internet connection broke, so I didn’t see what actually happened in the end.

I remember my Logitech G7 breaking – it was double or triple clicking every time I pressed the mouse button – but it would click multiple times in a fraction of a second. This caused flash-based things to break quite badly – they couldn’t parse the mouse clicks that quickly and menus and buttons would stop responding, necessitating a client restart. I stopped playing the game temporarily while I waited for the warranty replacement.

I never went back.

I never made a conscious decision to leave the community. I often regret it. I regret it right now. And with everyone else moved on a long time ago and the Skyrates server next to empty, it’s far too late to do anything about it.

I often wonder what happened to Zekkass, Markus and Mairi. What did they make of my character’s sudden disappearance? I sometimes toyed with the idea of going back and putting together some kind of story about being shot down ditching into the sea, being stranded for months and finally being picked up or repairing my craft. Months became years though, and the likelihood of anyone I knew still being around decreased. And then, there was the fact that I hadn’t even played the game towards the end, I was just there for the setting and that little RP window. Spending all day in there, staying up ridiculous hours – these were not good things. This little flash game was taking all my time up.

Even so, I regret that I couldn’t spend longer with that community (I was there only about two months), and I regret the manner of my leaving. Were you a member of the Skyrates RP community? I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting up my Skyrates RP channel logs. They’re incomplete in many places, but I don’t really expect to find a community like this again, and I’d like to show you why I kept these logs all this time. Maybe it’ll be therapeutic or something too…