A Skyrate’s Life, Part 2: Accents!

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

The first line of this log entry after the {Static} is “Argh, connection failure.” This means that a fair chunk of content is missing again, and we have to work out what’s going on through context. I can’t make sense of the first part, and I was there! Four years ago, admittedly.

I’ve been trying to piece together what happened to the people I used to know. So far, I can see that both Mahmoth and Talon Karrde have logged into the Skyrates forums this month. Zekkass hasn’t been active for years.

I feel really bad about Zekkass. We were working on some fiction together when I just disappeared. I was also working on an in-character engineering project with Copper Cheetah. Just… disappearing without a trace is such an awful thing to do to an RP community, particularly when you’ve worked your way into it and are involved in things. Going through all this Skyrates stuff has made me absurdly angry at myself, not just for screwing up other people’s stories but for denying myself the chance to be a part of all this.

If any of the RP channel veterans see this, for what it’s worth… I’m really sorry for bailing on you.

Enough melancholy recollections. Who’s new in this entry?


  • Mairi Valentine: Female cat, current owner of the Rotor and Prop tavern. Exceptional roleplayer. Despite having all kinds of IC personal issues, people being shot and a dozen other things going on, she still managed to find some time to welcome me in and integrate me into their little community. Karrde once called her the “heart of the community”. He wasn’t wrong. Member of the Azure League (Blues). Has lots of siblings and almost as many suitors.
  • Sirrus: Appears to be new. A bear. Nothing else is known about him!
  • Marcus Cunningham: Male fox, airship captain. Member of the Jade Hand (Greens), a group of (not even remotely) neutral traders and profiteers. Often spends more time roleplaying as his crew than as himself.
  • Silura: Female red fox, independent. What was the incident that happened last night that she’s apologizing for? I don’t know, damn it!
  • Cecil Lancaster: Male squirrel, electromagnetic scientist. Blue faction, of course.
  • I can’t find an entry for Moros or Trichechus in the Skyrates Dramatis Personæ, the RP character directory.
  • There isn’t an entry for Skylark Quintessa either, but I think this is the same character as Skylark Cunningham. Her profile on the forum seems to match up.
  • Ellington: Male ferret. Radio personality, nutcase, drunkard and one of Mairi’s ex-es. A notorious figure. Faction unknown. I have a faint suspicion that he was Red at this time.
  • Nero Shade (Sr.): Elderly male squirrel. Rather senile. Enjoys chocolate milk and giving people cheap jewelry.


  • This is not long after Mairi stuck me behind the bar for the first time. If I remember correctly, she just dropped herself into a comfortable chair and said something along the lines of “Okay, your turn to serve me for a bit!” This theory is reinforced when she says “I’m taking a day off” later on.
  • This is a lovely (and rare) example of the R&P when there’s not a major disaster in progress. People are for the most part happy or at least contented. It’s this kind of gathering which allows people to catch their breath between events and explore the more mundane (not to be confused with uninteresting) and human aspects of their characters.
  • Mai asked me who else got me? Nope, I don’t understand what the question was either, and I don’t have any idea what the answer means. Everything before the first line has been lost, so your guess is as good as mine. Argh, indeed.
  • There’s some complaining about accents in OOC further down. I loved the accents.
  • There was a ritual for people who were new to the R&P. Whichever bartender was around would ask three questions to the newcomer: Their name, where they were from and where they were headed. Answering was optional, but it was the way things were done. Sirrus was probably the first person I asked the three questions to, although it’s before the {static}. I also would have been the one to tell him that payment isn’t required although restocking the bar is welcomed. This is referenced when Sirrus leaves.
  • I’ve deliberately left all the mistakes in. Removing them would make the log neater, but then it wouldn’t be a true snapshot of what RP was like at this time. Like aggressive editing of documentary footage to change the meaning. Other than replacing the formatting (I only have plain text), I’ve made every effort to leave these logs exactly as they were.

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